WAUTERS has been manufacturing modular wood and metal furniture since 1922…
André Wauters founds his cabinet-making workshop in 1922, in Forest, and creates furniture and frames for both private individuals and businesses. 

Wishing to broaden his range, he starts importing metallic shelving from France. 
This turns out to be such a success that he soon decides to manufacture the metal parts himself. The complementary combination of wood and metal brings him to the attention of large retailers. That’s how the Wauters company became the furniture supplier for major trading names such as Sarma, Nopri or Innovation. At the time, the company had 15 employees. 

Luc Beyne takes over from André Wauters in 1987 and injects new life into the company by creating WAUTERS Plc. Machinery is replaced and/or updated. Major names such as Delhaize, GB and Champion are added to the customer base. The company expands its wood-metal expertise and develops projects for offices and architects in addition to the fitting-out of stores. 
The company has grown since the days when it employed 15 people and today it counts over 45 workers and employees capable of facing new challenges involving ingenuity, creativity and quality every day.

By 2009 the premises are starting to feel cramped and Wauters moves to a production plant of over 8,000sqm in Leeuw-Saint-Pierre, at the gates of Brussels.
At the same time, Luc Beyne decides to hand over the keys to the plant to two of his sons who vow to uphold Wauters Company’s long tradition.

Wauters is a medium-sized production company focussing on the fitting-out of retail and professional spaces. With its distinctive feature of combining under a single roof all the wood, metal and paint trades, it actively collaborates on the realisation of interior fitting-out projects submitted by its customers, using its experience and expertise to ensure:
• Customer satisfaction
• Quality of production
• The meeting of deadlines and budget targets

Our customers’ trust and loyalty arise from our determination to provide quality products and services. Each of our projects starts with carefully listening and fully understanding the needs of our interlocutor. 

In addition to Wauters’ professionalism and expertise there is a will to match the latest innovations and trends of the market. As our experience dates back to 1922, we are able to add that touch of technology, creativity and flexibility your project deserves. 
Our values:
Innovation & Creativity:
Your project has been well thought-out. In order to carry it out in the best possible way, we will use the whole range of our knowledge and expertise. We’re innovating every day so as to guarantee your project is realised in accordance with your requirements, within deadlines and budget.
Integrity, Honesty & Transparency:
Since the company’s inception, Wauters has managed to seduce, satisfy and secure the loyalty of prestigious and well-known customers on various markets. This long-term collaboration was only made possible through mutual trust and honesty. 
Speed, Responsiveness & Flexibility:
We go out of our way to respond to your requests as swiftly as possible. A project can be carried out in only 3 weeks! We perfectly understand the issues involved in opening your store or offices within set deadlines. This is why you can rely on our speed, responsiveness and flexibility. 
Respect & Environnement
Constantly made aware of environmental issues, all our workers and employees are keeping an open and critical mind so as to adopt the attitudes and solutions that will contribute to the improvement of the quality of life, both within and outside the company. 


Care about the environment implies a constant questioning of how we operate. 
In addition to the internal efforts to reduce as much as possible the negative effects of our production chain (sound insulation, working hours suited to the neighbourhood, Epoxy paint line…), we’re also developing innovating and environmentally friendly concepts such as the recycling of your store furniture. 

This involves taking back your existing equipment, completing it with new items, painting it in a new trendy colour before re-fitting it in your store. A responsible way of renovating your points of sale.

S.A. Wauters N.V.
Bergensesteenweg 339 A
1600 Leeuw Saint-Pierre

Tél: +32 (0)2 377.30.15
Fax: +32 (0)2 377.44.45


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