A new bakery display unit by Wauters!

Constantly seeking innovative ideas for points of sale, Wauters has come up with an entire new range of bakery display units that will fit perfectly in all commercial premises, whether a supermarket, a self-service bakery or a small local shop.

Available in three modules for Bread, Pastry and Baguettes, this unique display unit features a full-glass panel, which offers great visibility, unrivalled to this day. This visibility is further increased by LED lighting at each level, as the modules comprise drawers in the bottom half and slanting, removable shelves in the top half. This also means even more modularity (large modules of 1m x 2m).

Hygiene too has been improved, thanks to a new crumb collector fitted at the bottom and surfaces treated with Epoxy Paint. The latter also allows one to easily change the look of the unit by having it repainted.


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