"Delivery is an invisible  powerful force thath brings things together"

                                                                                                                                                 Modern Expo

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In the times of instability and vulnerability of supply chains, it is more important than ever to be confident in the integrity of the logistics system.  All logistics chain parts must be reliably connected to each other, support each other and guarantee the uninterrupted operation of the entire system.  Logistics operators and retailers often face the problem when different companies develop and ensure the operations of only one part of the logistics system.  Thus, the responsability of the seamless integration of different modules lies on the client's company.  This task is a very difficult and often is impossible to be done.

Modern Expo has a differtent strategy.

We create not separate logistic units, but complete solutions'systems , that are ready-to-us .  We offer " all from one hands "!


LOKO, meet the family.

Get to know  our complete MODERN DELIVERY ECOSYSTEM.


PARCEL TERMINALS, the making of.

Get to know  how our PARCEL TERMINALS are made.